Mental Health

I don’t want to belong anymore

I don’t want to belong anymore. In fact, more than that, I don’t want to want to belong anymore. It’s exhausting. I talk often of community, collaboration, family, connection and love. Yet, so often when I find and enter a community, no matter how lovely it seems, I find it built on division; on them and us. I cannot take it anymore. I am sick of people who hurt other people. I am sick of… Read More »I don’t want to belong anymore

The ADHD tax is high

It costs a lot of money being neurodivergent, especially in the ADHD type. That might sound ridiculous but it is so true. It can be financially debilitating and the worst part is, it looks so avoidable to others that there is a shit ton of shame attached to it. Why spend so much on lunches out, and takeaway? Why shopping for just a few days at a time, when it clearly costs more? Why didn’t… Read More »The ADHD tax is high

Dear media consumers… STOP

Dear consumers and families I know it is tempting. I know it detracts from our mundane and sometimes exhausting lives. Watching and often judging the people who have seemingly more fortune than we do in either talent, or luck it seems. We covet the attention, the recognition and sometimes the riches and we take entertainment from observing things we will never have. ​ ​ But on a darker note we also take a slightly sick drop… Read More »Dear media consumers… STOP

The demand cup

I have talked about emotional cups for a number of years now with parents. Some people talk about not being able to pour form an empty cup meaning that you need love and energy to give. I actually believe we all have enough love to give, but agree energy isn’t always there. I talk about an emotional cup in relation to emotional regulation. Difficult emotions fill our emotional container and if it becomes to full,… Read More »The demand cup

I feel suicidal

Sometimes I feel genuinely suicidal. At these times I really wish I wasn’t here anymore. I feel like it would be better for everyone. I want desperately to not have to manage my life anymore. I don’t have any energy left and I don’t know how the next day, week or year can be struggled through. It doesn’t feel worth it and it doesn’t feel like there is any chance that it will get easier,… Read More »I feel suicidal

The difference between ODD and PDA

One of the questions I hear often is, “what is the difference between Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)”. This question often comes from parents who are trying to figure out what is happening for their child when they are seeing them struggle to an extreme degree. These parents are struggling to cope and to understand and are desperately researching oppositional or defiant behaviour, or they have reached out for support and a… Read More »The difference between ODD and PDA

Bad days are just bad days, but they feel like the end of the world

Yesterday I had a bad day. I know everyone has bad days. The problem is that when I have a bad day, my brain likes to tell me that what is happening is not just a bad day, it is that I am a complete failure, everything I have ever done is wrong and that I am going to continue to feel like this forever and screw up everyone’s lives, especially the lives of my… Read More »Bad days are just bad days, but they feel like the end of the world