The demand cup

I have talked about emotional cups for a number of years now with parents. Some people talk about not being able to pour form an empty cup meaning that you need love and energy to give. I actually believe we all have enough love to give, but agree energy isn’t always there. I talk about an emotional cup in relation to emotional regulation. Difficult emotions fill our emotional container and if it becomes to full,… Read More »The demand cup

UA MSC/A Neuropsychology and sociology structure

Overview My programme of study will include four core modules, each covering eight areas of study, culminating in a dissertation: Module 1: An integrated study of human development in contextModule 2: A neuropsychological investigation of human needs and motivationModule 3: An integrated investigation of key human neuro-psychological variationsModule 4: Analysing oppression as a factor in human development​Dissertation: An independent research project bringing together the subjects above. Title to be confirmed. * Study for this will include… Read More »UA MSC/A Neuropsychology and sociology structure

Why an unschooled autonomous masters degree

For a long time, since 2013 when I “failed” to complete a formal Master’s degree and a second undergraduate degree in psychology, in the same year, I have coveted achieving a MSc in Psychology. For many reasons including a need to destroy my previous “failure”, and to be able to say I had a formal qualification at a high level in the area that I write about, that I use in my work, and that… Read More »Why an unschooled autonomous masters degree