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UA MSC/A Neuropsychology and sociology structure

Overview My programme of study will include four core modules, each covering eight areas of study, culminating in a dissertation: Module 1: An integrated study of human development in contextModule 2: A neuropsychological investigation of human needs and motivationModule 3: An integrated investigation of key human neuro-psychological variationsModule 4: Analysing oppression as a factor in human development​Dissertation: An independent research project bringing together the subjects above. Title to be confirmed. * Study for this will include… Read More »UA MSC/A Neuropsychology and sociology structure

I feel suicidal

Sometimes I feel genuinely suicidal. At these times I really wish I wasn’t here anymore. I feel like it would be better for everyone. I want desperately to not have to manage my life anymore. I don’t have any energy left and I don’t know how the next day, week or year can be struggled through. It doesn’t feel worth it and it doesn’t feel like there is any chance that it will get easier,… Read More »I feel suicidal

Why an unschooled autonomous masters degree

For a long time, since 2013 when I “failed” to complete a formal Master’s degree and a second undergraduate degree in psychology, in the same year, I have coveted achieving a MSc in Psychology. For many reasons including a need to destroy my previous “failure”, and to be able to say I had a formal qualification at a high level in the area that I write about, that I use in my work, and that… Read More »Why an unschooled autonomous masters degree

PDA acceptance and my PDA son

Tomorrow is PDA Day in the UK. It is my first as an insider in the PDA community and it is the day after yesterday. Yesterday my son was diagnosed as Autistic and as PDA. This was not a surprise to me or to a few other key people in his life, though it will likely be a surprise to many. Many will not understand. Many will make assumptions about a lot of things, and… Read More »PDA acceptance and my PDA son

Bad days are just bad days, but they feel like the end of the world

Yesterday I had a bad day. I know everyone has bad days. The problem is that when I have a bad day, my brain likes to tell me that what is happening is not just a bad day, it is that I am a complete failure, everything I have ever done is wrong and that I am going to continue to feel like this forever and screw up everyone’s lives, especially the lives of my… Read More »Bad days are just bad days, but they feel like the end of the world

Describing Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

AS AN ADULT, NEWLY IDENTIFIED AS PDA, WITH PROBABLY AT LEAST TWO PDA CHILDREN. Firstly, this is the first thing I have written on PDA and it will not be the last. Myself and my son are currently being assessed in regards to PDA and I am as certain as I can be of the outcome. One of my daughters also certainly shows traits of this. The below description of PDA is my own personal… Read More »Describing Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)

Hi I’m Emily

Hello. I am Emily Wilding Fackrell. I want to introduce myself here, without pretence, professionalism or rules. This is me. I will, no doubt, overshare in some ways, as I do, and in other ways I will likely omit large aspects of myself and my life. Those things will come int he future. I probably won’t describe myself as you would expect me to, even if you know me. This blog is here for me… Read More »Hi I’m Emily