May 2019

Why an unschooled autonomous masters degree

For a long time, since 2013 when I “failed” to complete a formal Master’s degree and a second undergraduate degree in psychology, in the same year, I have coveted achieving a MSc in Psychology. For many reasons including a need to destroy my previous “failure”, and to be able to say I had a formal qualification at a high level in the area that I write about, that I use in my work, and that… Read More »Why an unschooled autonomous masters degree

The difference between ODD and PDA

One of the questions I hear often is, “what is the difference between Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)”. This question often comes from parents who are trying to figure out what is happening for their child when they are seeing them struggle to an extreme degree.¬†These parents are struggling to cope and to understand and are desperately researching oppositional or defiant behaviour, or they have reached out for support and a… Read More »The difference between ODD and PDA

We are at war

There is a war happening. It is World War 3… … and hardly anyone has noticed. Do you remember when we used to say “I hope there is no WW3 because we will destroy the planet”. Well we were right and it is happening. The problem is that it is a War, not about land or oil or even religion. this is a War on equality. The War is being waged on the increasing rights… Read More »We are at war

PDA acceptance and my PDA son

Tomorrow is PDA Day in the UK. It is my first as an insider in the PDA community and it is the day after yesterday. Yesterday my son was diagnosed as Autistic and as PDA. This was not a surprise to me or to a few other key people in his life, though it will likely be a surprise to many. Many will not understand. Many will make assumptions about a lot of things, and… Read More »PDA acceptance and my PDA son